Adoption is the process whereby the legal parent and child relationship with the biological parent is severed and a new one is created with the adoptive parent(s).

There are many reasons why individuals may seek to adopt a child for example a child has been orphaned, a child is being adopted from abroad or a step parent wishes to legalise their relationship with their stepchild. Whatever your reasons for seeking to adopt a child, we are here to help.

The legal process for adoption is rigorous and there are lengthy checks which are carried out to ensure that prospective adopters are suitable, that the home in which the child is going to reside is safe and secure and that the adoption will be an enduring relationship.

The process ensures that the proposed adoption is in the child’s best interests. In all but the most extreme circumstances once granted the adoption order is irrevocable and the child is treated in law as though he or she has always been the child of the adopter.

Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences one undertakes. However the process to adopt can be stressful due to the rigorous and lengthy nature of the procedure and process to ensure that the adopted child’s needs and best interests are met. It is important that any prospective adopter takes early legal advice to ensure they fully understand the legal process and what will be expected of them.

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