Legal Services


Future Planning, Wills and Power of Attorney

Many clients seek specialist advice on Wills, Powers of Attorney and planning for their future. We aim to provide clients with bespoke advice which considers longer term issues, such as the potential cost of paying for care in the future, as well as adopting a holistic approach which offers peace of mind.

Family and Child Law Scotland

We are experts in family and child law and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether your issue is separation, divorce, cohabitation or buying a property with your other half for the first time these are just some of the issues that we can assist with.

Guardianships and Adults with Incapacity

We specialise in advising families looking after a relative who has reduced capacity, perhaps due to Dementia, Autism, or a Learning Disability.

Executries & Winding Up of Estates in Scotland

We deal with all aspects of winding up the estate of a deceased person, whether or not a Will is in existence.We can advise you on the necessary steps, whether you are an Executor or Beneficiary, in order to ensure that your legal duties are properly executed.

Education Law

We realise that there are many children in Scotland facing exclusion from school, losing the opportunity to make friends and placing immense pressure on parents to home school, and in doing so accept a very different education model to that which we would expect for our children.