Family and Child Law

Caritas Legal are experts in separation, divorce, cohabitation and child law

When faced with family law issues, whatever they may be, it can be hard to know where to turn.

We are experts in family and child law and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Whether your issue is separation or divorce; cohabitation; where your child should live or the time they should spend with the other parent; whether you are planning to get married or enter into civil partnership; or buying a property with your other half for the first time, these are just some of the issues that we can assist with.

We work closely with other professionals to assist our clients in providing focused solutions to their legal issues. We are committed to resolving issues outwith the court setting where possible through the use of alternative dispute resolution, including the collaborative process and mediation, but are just as comfortable litigating where appropriate.

Separation and Divorce

Whether you have separated, or are considering separating, you need an experienced solicitor on your side who will offer objective, reliable and clear advice to steer you through the process to a satisfactory resolution. We have extensive experience, both in and out of court, to help clients resolve their family law issues arising from separation.

Care Arrangements for Children upon Separation

There are a number of child law issues which may require to be resolved when parties are separating: where the children of your relationship will reside; who they will have contact with; and how often they will see each parent and other family members.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

These agreements generally set out to ringfence assets. This can be particularly important if you have children from a prior relationship or marriage, or if you are entering into a second marriage.


The legal process for adoption is rigorous and there are lengthy checks which are carried out to ensure that prospective adopters are suitable, that the home in which the child is going to reside in is safe and secure and that the adoption will be an enduring relationship.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family Law issues can be resolved in a manner of different ways. Whilst litigation is often what springs to mind when people consider instructing a solicitor, most cases resolve without the need to go to court.

Children’s Hearings and Referrals to the Sheriff Court

If you receive papers from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) referring either you, your child, or a child with whom you have a close connection, it can be worrying and daunting. We understand that there are a whole host of reasons why a referral may be made and we are here to help.


More frequently, couples are choosing to live with one another prior to entering into marriage or a civil partnership or indeed without entering into either at all. However, many couples do not realise that this brings with it a legal framework which can have far reaching consequences upon separation or death.

Grandparents Rights

When a couple chooses to separate, it is not only the immediate family of parents and children who are affected. Grandparents often are very worried when their own children take the decision to separate from their spouse or partner as on occasion grandparents can be excluded from their grandchildren’s lives.

Child Law in Scotland FAQs

We understand that issues relating to your children and their living arrangements can be one of the most stressful things to resolve and deal with. We have collated some of the most common questions we ae asked by clients to try to put your mind at ease and provide some initial information for your situation.